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[tycho-user] how to force tycho to use a specific set of plugins from the local maven repo?


i have this as a setup (i have even more git repo's but to keep it simple)

1> Git repo A eclipse plugins with version 1

2> Git repo B eclipse plugins with version 1 (this has also the .product and .feature files)

B depends on plugins from A

maven is all setup, and mvn install will build all the plugins from A or B
And when i build B maven pickes up the plugins i build from A just fine

But now the problem, now i make a new branch on both git repo's and on both i up the version to 2

With the product build itself i can fix the versions in feature.xml (and use partly the tycho version push and my own regexp to fix all the the versions in that)

If i now build version 2 of A and B that works,

But if i now go back to V1 branch and build B
Then B will pick up the latest versions of A (so version 2 plugins of A)
But it still should pickup version 1 of A because i am in version 1 of B

it seems that i only can fix that to set in the manifest of all the plugins of B hardcoded:


 where that 1.0.1 is a non existing version 
But this is kind of horrible to maintain, or i need to write quite some regexp to change all those bundle-versions of all the manifest files (upping to a specific version and then also have a bogus version number that is just 1 micro version up of the other...

Is there just not an easier way?
Like forcing the version in the (parent)pom.xml?
Which is also using the full version string so 1.0.0.somequalifier
Because that is what i now also use

For example tycho version push on the feature.xml does work for the plugins of there own git repo, but it doesn't really just up all the plugins with that version.
But that last one is fixable by going over it with a regexp find/replace

In Eclipse workspace itself this is all very easy, you just have that workspace that tied everything together, P2 just builded a workspace what was checked out there.
But with Tycho this is just different, how can you configure such a set of many plugins over many git repo's all with specific versions? (and be able to up those easy)

Johan Compagner

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