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[tycho-user] Generating source feature in "dependency on POM-first artifacts" build?


I have a two-part build, following the "Dependency on POM-first
artifacts" HOWTO: One reactor uses the maven-bundle-plugin to build
OSGi-bundles and a second reactor uses Tycho to consume them with
pomDependencies=consider. This works fine (as documented).

Now I want to apply the tycho-source-feature-plugin in the second
reactor to a feature that includes POM-first artifacts.

This fails as there are no source *bundles* build in the first reactor;
the maven-source-plugin produces just a plain *-sources.jar and AFAICT
the maven-bundle-plugin doesn't offer an option to build an OSGi source
bundle, either.

Has anyone got a build with the maven-bundle-plugin and
tycho-source-feature-plugin working together? I am grateful for any
pointers (and willing to update the Wiki accordingly. ;-)

Best wishes,



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