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[tycho-user] assemble categories with a generated category.xml in multi module pom

Hello tycho users,

I have developed a very simple maven plugin which generates a very simple category.xml (single feature, just to automatize some stuff).
So in my "eclipse-repository" project, I bind the create-category goal to pre-package, and everything runs fine.
The result is as follows when running mvn package:
 -> create category.xml
 -> assemble category (tycho)
 -> publish category, etc.

The problem occurs when running the multi module maven project (reactor). Because of dependency management, maven first computes the dependencies (the category.xml does not exist yet).
So when building my specific module, even though the category.xml is generated, assemble-categories fails with
"Failed to execute goal org.eclipse.tycho:tycho-p2-repository-plugin:1.0.0:assemble-repository (default-assemble-repository) on project myproject: No content specified for p2 repository -> [Help 1]"

because it does not recompute the dependencies (nor tries to reload category.xml).

Does anyone have a brilliant idea on how to resolve this ?

PS: I am using tycho-1.0.0.

Thanks for any advice,
Franck Malartic

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