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Re: [tycho-user] Directory structure for pom-less build

Not sure if it helps in answering your question, but I wrote a blog post about that a while ago 

Am 27.06.2017 5:16 nachm. schrieb "Jonah Graham" <jonah@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Hi Matthew, 

The pom-less builds are not 100% pom free, you just don't need pom files in the modules that are plugins (or features). You still need pom.xml in the parent directory,listing the subdirectories that should be included in the module(s) tags. (modules don't have to be subdirectories, that is just common). 

The structure you have should not be a problem. 


On 27 Jun 2017 16:07, <Matthew.Webber@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Background: We're looking at moving away from Buckminster to Maven/Tycho to build our Eclipse RCP products.

It was suggested that a pom-less build was the best approach, but looking at the documentation, all the examples assume a fairly specific directory structure, something like:

-- .mvn/
-- bundles/
---- bundle1/
---- bundle2/
-- features/
---- feature1/
---- feature2/
-- products/
---- product1/
---- product2/

Is that structure really required?

Our code lives across a number of repositories. Worse, we need to ignore some of the projects (bundles/features) that exist in the repositories - directories containing code might exist, but the code might not even compile. In the IDE that's not a problem, because we simply don't import those projects into the Eclipse workspace, so they are invisible to the build.

Can Tycho pom-less build handle this - does it have access to the Eclipse workspace, so that it knows what projects exist and where on disk they are?

I guess I'm missing some basic concepts here - I can see that Tycho knows about Eclipse-type things (features, products etc), but does it also know about Eclipse workspaces and what is/is not in them?

Thanks for any guidance!


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