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[tycho-user] Tycho and Kotlin

I'm researching the potential benefits/pitfalls of moving some of our codebase, which is based heavily on Eclipse RCP and thus also OSGi, from Java to Kotlin.

We're currently using the Tycho OSGi Compiler Plugin through Maven to assist in dependency management (with our own custom target platform), and project compilation. We're able to swap out the [tycho-compiler-plugin] for a combination of the [kotlin-maven-plugin] and the standard [maven-compiler-plugin], which works as expected for one of our projects that has no OSGi dependencies.

However - for our projects whose dependencies are MANIFEST-based and rely on Tycho/OSGi for dependency resolution/target platform computation, I'm wondering if we've hit a roadblock - as Kotlin needs to compile the Java bytecode prior to the other (Tycho/Maven) compilers kicking in, but if any of those Kotlin classes depend on the OSGi dependencies, our concern is that it won't be able to resolve them - so it's a bit of a chicken/egg problem.

Are there any guides/plans for supporting a Tycho + Kotlin build configuration, or tips to point us in the right direction?

Craig Otis

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