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[tycho-user] 1.0 fails build with access restriction



I had a build of a plugin that uses DOM classes from rt.jar that was building fine with 0.26.0 but when I changed Tycho.version to 1.0.0 it started failing with the following error:


[ERROR] serializer.getDomConfig().setParameter(Constants.DOM_FORMAT_PRETTY_PRINT, true);

[ERROR] ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

[ERROR] Access restriction: The field 'Constants.DOM_FORMAT_PRETTY_PRINT' is not API (restriction on classpath entry 'C:\bin\jdk1.8.0_112\jre\lib\rt.jar')


I have the following in the configuration of the Tycho-compiler-plugin














I also tried




I read through and but couldn’t understand what more to do.



-          Building with 0.26.0 with no compiler arguments FAIL

-          Building with 0.26.0 with –warn:none and –err:none  compiler arguments *PASS*

-          Building with 1.0.0 with –warn:none and –err:none  compiler arguments FAIL

-          Building with 1.0.0 with no compiler arguments FAIL


Any clues?


Best Regards,



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