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[tycho-user] New update site from a old one scenario


This is the scenario I am trying to do:

I have an update site with a certain UI that I need to have in another update site with the same UI. This scenario will be frequently in my enviroment. So. I need to design a way to do this. 

What I am doing now:

1) I am using  tycho-p2-extras-plugin to mirror that UI to an update site local. Then I use this execution to generate the p2 metadata again. publish-features-and-bundles. It works but it does not generate categorization. So.

Reading some blogs, I found this plugin: tycho-p2-publisher-plugin to publish categories. It should be run under an eclipse-repository packaging. I have a category file specifying the feature to categorise 

As you can imagine, I have two poms, One to do the mirroring ( pom packagin )  and another to the de publishing. ( eclipse-repository). 

The first part works fine but the second does not because it does not found the dependency ( the UI I am trying to categorise). It is expected because it does not come from a target platform or the project itself. 

So.. I am little blocked. 

Any ideas? Ask me for more detail.

Thanks in advance. 


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