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[tycho-user] Building an EAR artifact based on the Manifest-First approach

Hello mailing list,

We use Maven Tycho for building our RCP application, that consits of one product, several features and severel eclipse plugins. We use the Manifest-first approach, so that our POMs don't have any dependencies information. It works like a charm. But now some of the eclipse plugins / bundle should be reused in a server application. The deplyoment artifact should be an EAR file. My first thought was to use the maven-ear-plugin. But it doesn't help me to pack a full deployable EAR artifact, because without the dependency information in the reused bundle's POM, the maven-ear-plugin can't collect the all needed dependencies. My next idea was to change the build of the bundle to the classical POM-first approach combinated with the maven-bundle-plugin for the the MANIFEST.MF generation. This idea wasn't accepted by my colleagues because they don't want to have two approachs for creating the MANIFEST.MF. So my question to you is, does anyone know how to build an full deployable EAR artifact based on the dependency information in the MANIFEST.MF of the bundles?

Thank you and best regards,


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