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[tycho-user] Rerun flaky tests with Tycho Surefire Plugin


could anybody say if is possible to use "rerun failing tests" [1] feature when I am using tycho surefire plugin?


This feature is coming form Maven Surefire Plugin. It should be quite easy to use this feature, it should be enough to set "surefire.rerunFailingTestsCount" parameter. 

If I am not using Tycho, it works fine when I start maven build in this way:

mvn -Dsurefire.rerunFailingTestsCount=2 verify

I guess that tycho is internally using Maven Surefire Plugin and only thing I need is to pass this parameter through Tycho to Maven Surefire Plugin which is running on new instance of Eclipse where tests are running. 

I am beginner and unfortunately I have no experience with Tycho, so I will be grateful for any help. 

I went through documentation of Tycho Surefire Plugin [2] and tried to set rerunFailingTestsCount parameter using parameters offered there but it didn't work.  


Thank you in advance.


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