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[tycho-user] My first Tycho build

Hi Folks,

I'm trying to create a tycho-based build for the Eclipse OCL project [1]. We are currently using buckminster.

For the time being, my first attempts try to build the project P2 repository using typical tycho configuration file [2] with "clean verify" goals. So far, I've got a few probably-naive questions for you, so please bear with me:

The first problem I got was that few plugins and features have the same identifier: bundle symbolic name and feature name respectively. If additionally they have the same version, the tycho/maven-based build fails. Is there any way to avoid the issue, apart from the obvious workaround of making either the name or the version differ ?

The second problem I've found is the automatic generation of sources for features. Looking at the current Eclipse OCL features, some of them include source features, others don´t. For instance, org.eclipse.ocl.all [3] does not include source features. The build is currently failing with the following error:

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.eclipse.tycho.extras:tycho-source-feature-plugin:0.26.0:source-feature (source-feature) on project org.eclipse.ocl.all: Could not generate source feature for project MavenProject: org.eclipse.ocl:org.eclipse.ocl.all:5.2.200-SNAPSHOT @ XXXXXXX\features\org.eclipse.ocl.all-feature\
[ERROR] Missing sources for features [org.eclipse.ocl_3.6.201.201701171307, org.eclipse.ocl.uml_5.2.201.201701171307]

If I try to exclude the source feature generation for that particular feature in the main configuration pom file [2] (lines 62-66), I still get the same failure. Any suggestion/tip/documentation link about how to deal with source features ?


A third problem I foresee, related to testing (I've not tried tests execution yet). With buckminter there is the concept of workspace and workspace provision. Is there anything similar in tycho/maven ? IIRC, OCL tests cases require that some third party projects exist in the workspace, and I'm unclear whether the tests cases are gonna work without them.

Any suggestion/tip about this need ?


Our current buckminster-based build currently uses some ant-based tasks to perform some activities. I still need to investigate which ones can be replaced by tycho, but can ant-tasks be invoked during the tycho/maven build ? Any useful documentation pointer to this concern ?



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