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[tycho-user] difference between tycho-surefire-plugin and run as JUnit plugin test in eclipse

In the attached zip I have a unit test bundle containing a single test. When running that test from the command line, with mvn clean install, I get this error message:


Tests in error:

  testEnglishMessage(com.fugro.gwf.util.i18n.client.MessagesTest): Unable to process "MessagesContainer.messages": no actual value was found for the argument "Messages[]".


Running the test as ‘JUnit plugin test’ in eclipse just succeeds. What might be the reason for this ?


Kind regards,
Fugro GeoConsulting

Erik Vande Velde
Senior Software Coordinator

T +32 (0)2 77 60 034 | F +32 (0)2 77 60 319
e.vandevelde@xxxxxxxxx |
Av. de Broqueville 12, 1150 Brussels, Belgium
VAT nr BE0418609636


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