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[tycho-user] Features in a product with installMode="root" and assemble-repository semantics

I am building a product, the product contains some custom features and 
some Eclipse features (like egit). The Eclipse features are added in the 
product with 'installMode="root"', so these features can be removed by 
the end user.

While building the update-site, not only the features of the current 
build are added, but all the features that in the product are added. 
Even with 'includeAllDependencies' marked false. I assumed that features 
in a product marked with 'installMode="root"' would have the same 
semantics as 'required features' in features. However, the current 
behavior indicates that the same semantics as 'included features' are 
used. Is this by design, or is this a bug?

I would like to have a 'clean' update site that only contains my custom 
features, and not the features that are re-used.

On a more fundamental issue, couldn't or shouldn't the product 
configuration be an extension to the feature definition. The product 
configuration includes (about) the same information as the feature 
definition, extended with some meta-data for launching the product. 
Especially for a feature based product, lots of information seems to be 
duplicated between the 'branding'-feature and the product.

Kind Regards,
Rolf Theunissen

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