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[tycho-user] Tycho packaging: Maven groupId and artifactId vs OSGI Bundle-SymbolicName


I'm having a problem with the packaging of an eclipse bundle. I want to get an unique name for it without breaking the rules we have concerning the maven naming convention for groupId and artifactId. I ended up with the following artifactId: Presentation. The rest of the information that makes it unique is listed in the groupId. So as far as maven is concerned this is a valid uniquely identifiable result.

At some point I will most likely end up with multiple of the Presentation artifactIds. Now the org.eclipse.tycho:tycho-packaging-plugin:0.26.0:validate-id tells me that the Bundle symbolic name (that I set to match the maven representation of its groupId:artifactId) should be just the artifactId which would in this case be Presentation.

I also did some researching online and found out that maven's unique identification is GroupId:ArtifactId:Version, while for OSGI this isĀ Bundle-SymbolicName:Bundle-Version. That got me wondering why tycho expects ArtifactId:Version while this is not by definition unique.

Is there a way to configure Tycho to expect the combination of groupId and artifactId as the Bundle-SymbolicName?

With best regards,
Ben Zegveld

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