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Re: [tycho-user] Platform-specific features in a multi-platform build

However I don't think this helps me much.

What I'm trying is to create a p2 repository (with Tycho) that is multi-platform and includes features that are specific to only one or a few of these platforms, not all.

For example: if I want to create a multi-platform repository containing the org.eclipse.e4.rcp feature (including all platform-specific SWT fragments) and linuxtools feature (some of them being specific to linux). I set target-platform-configuration's environments to the platforms I target (linux, win32) and try to build the site.
Then, Tycho fails because on Windows, the linuxtools feature cannot be resolved. Instead, I'd like it to carry on and still build my site even if some content isn't suitable for one of the target environments.
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