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Re: [tycho-user] Using Takari inkremental compiler with tycho

Not possible at the moment. Tycho projects use/require OSGi compilation classpath, and Takari only supports Maven.

Somebody will need to integrate Tycho and Takari incremental build tech, but this isn't trivial. I am also not sure how much you will gain from incremental compilation. You need to have really huge codebase and an "interesting" development workflow to see the difference.


On Wed, Aug 10, 2016, at 04:42 AM, Ahmet Bilgin wrote:



My company is using maven 3.3.9 and tycho 0.25.0 to build an eclipse rcp application and we wanted to try out the Takari incremental compiler since incremental building seems to be broken in maven and in tycho.

It can be configured like described here

In order to use the takari-compiler correctly, the tycho-compiler has to disabled/skipped, but the tycho-compiler does not allow to be skipped.

The result is that both takari and tycho compilers are run.


There seems to be an alternative maven-plugin which just detects changes in an module and clears the target directory previous to the compilation phase. So the module gets recompiled during compilation. This would be a less invasive workaround.



Do you have any suggestions for proper incremental build support?


Best regards

Ahmet Bilgin

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