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Re: [tycho-user] tycho-source-plugin: Generating source bundle for artifact with "bundle" packaging

> I am using the maven-bundle-plugin to produce an OSGi bundle in one
> reactor that will then be consumed in another (Tycho-based) reactor to
> build a p2 update site. This works.

One afterthought:

I can add the following configuration to my jar:jar-no-fork goal:

> <configuration>
>    <useDefaultManifestFile>true</useDefaultManifestFile>
>    <archive>
>      <manifestEntries>
>        <Bundle-SymblicName>${project.artifactId}.source</Bundle-SymblicName>
>      </manifestEntries>>
>    </archive>
> </configuration>

This allows me to re-use the manifest generated by the
maven-bundle-plugin and to add new entries. Unfortunately, I cannot
overwrite existing entries, so the above would leave *two*
Bundle-SymbolicName headers. Also, I don't know of a way to remove
existing but unwanted entries like Export-Package.

Does anyone know whether this is possible?

Best wishes,


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