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Re: [tycho-user] Refetching plugins from Target Platform

You shouldn’t be using .SNAPSHOT, which is an immutable version. you should have .qualifier on your bundles and -SNAPSHOT in your pom files. When they are built they will substitute the current date, so while the source files don’t change, you get a new build each time.


On 21 Jun 2016, at 12:22, <Philipp.Fischer@xxxxxx> <Philipp.Fischer@xxxxxx> wrote:

Hi there,
I am running a tycho based build that uses a target platform file. This file is directing to a p2 server. On this server I am having some features and plugins with Versionnumbers such as 4.0.4.SNAPSHOT.
The trouble I am facing is when the plugins behind that p2 get recompiled and change. The tycho build does not fetch the new plugins and uses some cached versions instead that have the same version but definitely some new content. 
How is it possible to make tycho always look and fetch the very current version that is available on the p2?
Kind regards
Philipp M. Fischer
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