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[tycho-user] tycho mirror goal and category.xml

Hi :)

I would like to mirror several public p2 repositories, host them with tomcat and finally use them in a target to build my RCP application.

I read the documentation about the mirror goal of tycho extras plugin. The pom is correct and the copy seems to work correctly but there is no category.xml file downloaded from the original p2 repository. As a consequence, I can't add these repositories to my target file in Eclipse. The "Add Software site" wizard tells me that there are no categorized items and if I uncheck the "group by category" checkbox, it tells me that there are no items available.

I've used the Reficio p2 maven plugin to create my own p2 repository with a few bundles. This plugin generates a category.xml file with the following content:

    <category-def name="all" label="Maven osgi-bundles"/>
        <category name="all"/>
<expression type="match">providedCapabilities.exists(p | p.namespace == 'osgi.bundle')</expression>

I tried to use this category.xml for the mirrored repositories but it doesn't seems to work...

So how can I retrieve the category.xml for these repositories or is there a way to create a default one?

Best regards :)

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