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[tycho-user] Running Maven plugin before "tycho-packaging-plugin:0.25.0:build-qualifier (default-build-qualifier)"

Hi all,

I have a plugin that I do want to run before "tycho-packaging-plugin:0.25.0:build-qualifier (default-build-qualifier)", as it's setting some variables that are then used to build the qualifer.
I tried to hook it on the validate phase, but the "tycho-packaging-plugin:0.25.0:build-qualifier (default-build-qualifier)" seems to also be hooked on the validate phase and runs before anyway.

Does anyone know how I can make my plugin run before?
Or maybe delay the default-build-qualifier execution a bit later, during the "initialize" phase?

Thanks in advance,
Mickael Istria
Eclipse developer at JBoss, by Red Hat
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