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[tycho-user] Include file with qualified product version

Hi there,

I'm building my RCP product unsing Tycho 0.24 and I'm trying to figure out if it is possible to add a file to the finished product's root folder that contains the exact qualified version of the product IU.

I'm using the jgit timestamp provider to generate reproducible versions. Creating a version file with the correct version as part of the build is easy. But figuring out how to add it to the final product not so much.

I tried using the root file properties[1] in a in the product project, but this doesn't seem to be supported. It only works in feature projects AFAICS. I see a couple of ways to go forward, but none of them look particularly appealing:

1. Use root file properties in the product's constituting feature
-> This would allow me to include a file with the feature's version quite easily, but it means using the feature's version instead of the product's - and that that might have an older qualifier than the product itself if the product file was updated.

2. Just use the latest commit of the whole git repository as the build qualifier timestamp -> This would cause the product version to change too often, since the repository contains projects that are unrelated to the product

3. Do some ant magic between the materialize-products and archive-products goals to add the desired file to the materialized product folders before archiving them -> This works to get the file into the zipped archives. But of course if you install the product from a repository (or update it using p2), it breaks.

4. Include the file in the product executable zips that I can see in target/extraArtifacts. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out, how/when those are created and how to get in between that and the repository creation to change them before the p2 metadata generation.

Any suggestion?



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