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[tycho-user] eclipse-plugin classifiers?


I’ve got a situation where I would like to modify the artifact that the eclipse-plugin packaging type make dependent upon a profile.  Specifically I want to normally generate a clear build, but at certain times I want to modify some of the dependencies to use obfuscated versions.

Usually in jar packaging, one would do this by configuring the classifier of the artifact, in which I would just have a “clear” and “obfuscated” classifier. 

While not really pertinent to this actual problem… you might be wondering why I’m wanting to do this or something like this.To start I’ll note the way I build assemble my plug-in is a bit odd - however it works and has been extremely reliable. Essentially this is a “library” plug-in, in which it’s just a bunch of JARs in library folder that have been placed in the plug-in’s lib folder using the maven-dependencies-plugin:copy-dependencies goal during the initialize phase:

The needed dependencies are already listed within the, and

Basically elsewhere in the POM, if a certain profile is enabled we substitute two of the jars with obfuscated versions - hence making this plugin artifact slightly different.  I want a way to distinguish this artifact from non-obfuscated versions. The usual maven way of doing this, as I noted earlier, is to add a classifier to the jar being packaged.  But since this is a tycho build - we aren’t building a normal JAR - and I”m not quite sure of the best way to do this.

The closest way I can see to handle this is via the tycho-packaging-plugin:package-plugin (or at least this is the closest thing to the maven-jar-plugin), however the only two things I can see to manipulate that might effect what I’m doing is the finalName and archive parameters. However I don’t think they will work the way I’m hoping.

Looking for some advice on how to handle this.


Jim Klo
Senior Software Engineer
Center for Software Engineering
SRI International
t. @nsomnac

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