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[tycho-user] Adding modules through profiles


A common practice in maven is to define some 'extraneous' modules in a profile in order to easily build part of a large product.

I was trying to use this with tycho in order to speed up our build so I:
* moved some modules to a profile activated by default.
* run the build with the profile deactivated with the -P !myProfile argument

But it seems that tycho is totally ignoring this and uses all modules as if all profiles were activated.
I double checked the profile status with 'mvn help:active-profiles -P \!myProfile' and myProfile is really deactivated but tycho ignores it.

Is it a know issue? Is it somehow related to "BugĀ 353889 - Defer target&dependency resolution to the normal build"?

How do you solve such usecase?

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