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[tycho-user] Bundle does not contain symlinked file

Hello Dear tycho-users,


I’m using tycho-maven-plugin version 0.24.0 with a pomless configuration for building a rcp-product.

I’m using the conventional folder-structure and the rcp-build does work :

·         .mvn

·         bundles

o   com.example.bundles.bundle1 (pomless)

§  resources/file.xy

o   com.example.bundles.bundle2 (pomless)

§  resources/file.xy (symbolic link to the file above)


·         bin.includes = resources/

o   pom.xml (pomless parent)

·         features

o   com.example.features.feature1 (pomless)


o   pom.xml (pomless parent)

·         products

o   com.example.products.product

§  rcp.product

·         releng

o   com.example.parent

o   com.example.targetdefintion

o   com.example.aggregator


My only Problem is that “com.example.bundles.bundle2.jar” file is missing the “resources/file.xy” which is a symlink to file.xy of com.example.bundles.bundle1.

I don’t want to include the symlink itself but the file the symlink points to. This behavior happens when building on the platform Linux. All other files are included correctly except the one file which is a symlink.

Also the symlink can be resolved, opened and edited, etc. in the linux shell using the symbolic link of bundle2.


As a workaround I’m not using the symlink right now, instead I’m copying the file to bundle 2.


Has someone experienced such a behavior or can point me to a solution?


Best regards

Ahmet Bilgin

MAGMA Gießereitechnologie Gesellschaft für Gießerei-, Simulations- und Regeltechnik mbH | Kackertstr. 11, 52072 Aachen, Germany | Rechtsform GmbH, Amtsgericht Aachen HRB 3912, UST-ID-Nr. DE121745780 | Geschäftsführung: Dr. Marc C. Schneider (Vorsitzender), Dr.-Ing. Jörg C. Sturm

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