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[tycho-user] OSGi command line applications?

Hi Folks -

I have a fairly large Eclipse RPC application (DepAn).  The RPC platform provides an excellent UI environment for users and various graphical analysis tools. However, several of the plugins only define data types and serialization protocols.  These components also be useful in a command-line environment.  It would be ideal if the same code that is packaged for the RPC application could be deploy in a corresponding set of command line tools.

If I understand the OSGi/Equinox frameworks correctly, it seems like a command line tool could parse the options, set up an OSGi container, and reuse the plugin modules from the RPC application.  Since the plugins interact (weakly), I'd want the OSGi container to include a few of the Eclipse bundles that support Extensions and Extension Points.

All of this seems possible, but the trial-and-error approach process seems overly tedious.  Has any one done something similar and have some code they can share?

- Lee

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