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Re: [tycho-user] POM less build questions

Hi Lutz,

actually it is maven which is looking up the .mvn/extensions.xml file and according to Jason's blog post [1] maven is searching for that directory/file in ${maven.multiModuleProjectDirectory}/.mvn/extensions.xml.
${maven.multiModuleProjectDirectory} is the directory from where you call maven. E.g. if you run maven from 

C:\Users\Martin\tychoTest>mvn clean install

the extensions.xml will be looked up here:


Open the mvn.bat or mvn file from your maven bin directory, in that shell scripts you could see how the ${maven.multiModuleProjectDirectory} path gets "calculated".

If you use Jenkins:  Because of bug [2] it is currently not possible to use pomless build when using a Jenkins Maven project type. Using a freestyle project does work.



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Gesendet: Freitag, 08. April 2016 15:19
An: Tycho user list
Betreff: [tycho-user] POM less build questions

I have a large-ish project that combines features and plugins from a
number of git repos into one product. I am in the process of adding
features from a new repo to the product. I would like to add these new
features without creating poms for them, but I haven't been able to
make it work. I always get an error that poms for the new features
don't exist.
I suspect that tycho doesn't find the .mvn/extensions.xml.
Where exactly does tycho look for that file? Is there a place in the
code where I can look that up?
Unfortunately I don't have a simple structure with an obvious "root"
directory. for the build because I have poms referencing parent poms
in quite different locations in the file system.
Is there anything in the debug output that would tell me that the
extensions.xml has been found and processed? Or can I use a command
line option to tell maven/tycho where to find it?

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