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Re: [tycho-user] Reg : Running Xpand/Xtend testcases in Tycho


I don't know details about Xtend and the .ext stuff, but if that .ext file is in the "templates" folder and is used during test execution, this folder must be added to the file in order to get packed into the binary.


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Betreff: Re: [tycho-user] Reg : Running Xpand/Xtend testcases in Tycho

Hello Tom,
	Thank you for the response. Please find the necessary details below.

	Test Plugin Details :
		The name of the test plugin is . I have attached the pom xml of the test plugin along with the mail. The packaging of the test plugin is eclipse-test-plugin only. All the plugins that this test plugin needs are mentioned in the extra requirements section. 

		The contains all the xtend and xpand related plugins.
		The feature contains the plugin ( ) which has the .ext templates present.

		The purpose of the test plugin is to use XtendFacade to call the templates present in  plugin and execute the test cases. The XtendFacade call fails with "Couldn't find extension" and the test case fails . But the particular extension is present in the plugin.

	Source Plugin Details:
  		The name of the source plugin is I have attached the pom file of source plugin as well . The packaging type is eclipse-plugin. 

		The package structure of the plugin is as follows.
					-->templates ( templates is not included in

	Problem Statement:

	The particular method getFlatMapShrtNameForPerInstMem thrown in the exception (Couldn't find extension getFlatMapShrtNameForPerInstMem) is present in a .ext file present inside the templates folder. So how do instruct tycho to recognize the templates and to call the method properly using XtendFacade.

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Sathish Kumar Maheswaran

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