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[tycho-user] Different behavior between Tycho and IDE when consuming composite P2 site

We are trying to create composite sites to aggregate multiple sites, rather than multiple versions of a single site. Ie the site at http://server/composites/comp1 would have http://server/sites/site1 and http://server/sites/site2 as child locations. If I use the full URI for each child site it works fine. But then if I mirror the server for geographic performance the composite will send people back to the main server instead. So I’m trying to use child locations like ‘/sites/site1’ and ‘/sites/site2’. In the IDE (4.4 at least) this works. But building with Tycho 0.22.0 (haven’t gone through all the incompatible changes in 0.23.0+ yet) I get errors like this
[ERROR] Internal error: java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to load p2 repository with ID 'composite' from location http://server/composites/comp1: Unable to read repository at http://server/composites/comp1. No repository found at http://server/composites/comp1/sites/site1. -> [Help 1]  
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