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[tycho-user] tycho-version and required bundle section in the MANIFEST.MF

Dear Tycho community,

I belong to the Eclipse Papyrus project which is managed by Tycho.

I would like to know if there is an official Tycho plugin able to update all manifests of my project.


I would like to have the same feature as the maven-release plugin.

So I would like to be able to run a command to update all pom (parent to children) to increase the version number, to have it also synchronize with the MANIFEST.MF, for export packages but also for require bundle.

If a bundle is part of the same tycho reactor, I would like its version also change in the MANIFEST require bundle section and in the POM in dependenciesManagement/dependencies section.


It seems Tycho-versions is able to update the pom version and the manifest version but not the required-bundle, or perhaps I have missed the feature…


I have discover the following project:


Does anyone have any advice?






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