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Re: [tycho-user] externalize version of bundle outside manifest




This seems pointless (and counter-productive): the required version specifies the minimum version (Or version range) required by the current bundle. It is used to ensure compatibility at build & installation time.


P2 will then ensure that the installation is consistent (Or fail if the problem is unsatisfiable).


Automating this would only reduce the range of supported versions and the flexibility of custom installations.


For example, some bundles might require specific versions of UML (5.x) because they rely on its metamodel, while other bundles would work with any version of UML2 (e.g. the bundles that only provide helpers for general UML Concepts that haven’t changed since UML2 1.0.0)


Forcing a version range of “exactly 5.1.0” removes all the benefits of the “acceptable version range” for each bundle: someone who’d like to use only the “helpers bundle” (In practice, compatible with the entire UML2 range) wouldn’t be able to use it with UML2 4.1.0 because the range would be over-constrained by such a tool. And if he wants to install both the “helpers bundle” (With the [1.0.0, 6.0.0[ compatibility range) and the “metamodel-specific bundle” (With the [5.0.0, 6.0.0[ compatibility range), then P2 would be smart enough to determine that the only solution is using a UML2 5.x bundle.


So it’s probably not supported by Tycho, and it shouldn’t


In addition, Tycho is Manifest-first (Pom generated from the Manifest, not the other way round), so that would certainly be against the Tycho philosophy





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Jeff & Tycho user communauty,


Sorry to come back on this.

To make my question perhaps more clear:


I have one eclipse Tycho project with many eclipse-plugin submodules

Each of them has their own MANIFEST.MF

Sometimes they share the same Required Bundles.

I would like to make sure that all manifests have the same bundle version

For instance

I have sometimes:




With basic java maven projects, I could externalize the version number in the parent pom, ensuring I have the same version across all children modules.

Here I do not know how to do it?


Thanks in advance.





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Objet : Re: [tycho-user] externalize version of bundle outside manifest


Hace a


On Mon, Nov 23, 2015 at 8:54 AM, LE FEVRE FRANCOIS <francois.le-fevre@xxxxxx> wrote:

Dear all,


I would like to know if it is possible to externalize a specific bundle version outside the manifest.

I have a multiple eclipse modules project managed by Tycho.

So I have Manifest.MF and pom.xml


I wanted to benefit of maven filtering feature in order to replace at build time the version of a specific bundle used at several places.

But it seems not to be possible since Tycho build phase is before maven verify phase.



Do you know how I can factorize my bundle version with a maven properties in the parent pom?

In order to be sure all eclipse plugins use the same version of the bundle?





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