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Re: [tycho-user] Can't open a simple view

Thanks Marc-Andre, I had misplaced the "extraRequirements" section.. doh!
For some reason I added as a configuration of the surefire plug-in instead of adding it to the target-platform-configuration one.

On 15-11-02 06:29 PM, Marc-André Laperle wrote:
You either need to add org.eclipse.equinox.event to the target-platform (patch #2) or add the whole sdk.ide (patch #1). org.eclipse.equinox.event is not explicitly required by dependencies but it breaks at run-time. It would be nicer if it was somewhere in the dependencies... I hit this problem sometimes when I try to make a minimal launch configuration.


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I have a simple test code that opens a view. When I run the test from
within the IDE, everything works fine.
When I run the same test with Tycho, the test fails saying that the
workbench is in an abnormal state.
I'm attaching a simple project showing the problem.

Does that ring a bell?



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