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[tycho-user] Tycho seems to ignore our p2.inf file


We are facing an issue with our Tycho based build system since we try to enable the automatic update feature of our RCP product.
All works like a charm if exporting the product from the IDE; updates are successfully recognized and notified. Thing that not happen using Tycho.
I guess that the main issue comes from our p2.inf file (located close to the .product)  which seems not to be taken into account.
>From the IDE export the "Available Software Sites" page is populated with the p2.inf content, whereas it is empty using Tycho.

Note that I tried to prefix the p2.inf using the product name, as described into the Wiki page, but with no success too...

Is there any tips that are unknown from Google :) ?

Our p2.inf content:
  addRepository(name:<APP-NAME> update-site,type:0,location:file${#58}/some-local-uri);\
  addRepository(name:<APP-NAME> update-site,type:1,location:file${#58}/some-local-uri);\
  addRepository(name:<APP-NAME> update-site,type:0,location:http${#58}//some-intranet-url);\
  addRepository(name:<APP-NAME> update-site,type:1,location:http${#58}//some-intranet-url);


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