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Re: [tycho-user] Full cycle testing



Thanks to Aurelien for pointing this out to me via twitter.


Some additional information about Jubula:

-          Jubula tests are designed to be at the system / acceptance level. So they are for testing use cases / workflows via the GUI

-          The approach doesn’t use capture-replay, so there is a focus on writing good, maintainable tests

-          Jubula’s main target group is testers who are not also programmers, however there is, since January, a client API that makes Jubula more accessible to developers as well: more information on this is here [1]

-          We don’t currently have a maven target for use during a maven build, but you could start the Jubula testexec via ant – or get in touch if you want to go down this road, and we can talk about what needs to be done

-          If you’re at Eclipse Con, then I’m happy to chat to you more about Jubula / give you a demo. Just let me know. I’ll also be at the project quality day all day. There will also be some talks / demos about Jubula there

-          You can find downloads, examples and docs for Jubula here [2].


Hope this information helps!




[2] and




Hi guys,

I'm interest in implementing full cycle testing for eclipse plugin.


By full cycle I mean, testing starting from installation, launching, execution basic operations(crud for projects/files), perhaps compilation/execution of some classes(jdt), shutdown, etc.

In other words common scenarios would be:

launch -> installation -> restart-> create project->verify operation->shutdown

launch -> installation -> restart -> uninstallation


Those scenarios should be executed with maven.


Are there any instruments available to implement such testing scenarios? Any similar examples?










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