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[tycho-user] Maven/Tycho dependencies not available in IDE/PDE

Hi Folks -

I've now got my Maven build working for RCP + JOGL libraries, but the IDE environment is not getting the right dependencies and the editors are littered with compilation errors.  If only the dependencies in the POM were part of the PDE builds ...

Actually, in one workspace with an RCP tutorial and the JOGL bundle, the "Plug-in Dependencies" shows the JOGL bundle as expected, and everything seems to work out well.

In another workspace, with a slightly more complex RCP application and a similar OSGi packaged bundle (for JUNG), the bundled library does not show up.  The .project, .classpath and pom.xml files are very similar.

What are the recommended strategies for adding OSGi bundles to Eclipse PDE builds that also use Tycho?

- Lee

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