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Re: [tycho-user] compare-version-with-baselines

It differs @ the first line with the last mod file time and last mod file date.



  Visuel HexDiff v 0.0.53 by tTh 2007                             dec   7bits

       0   50 4b 03 04 0a 00 00 00 00 00 14 3a 4f 47 00 00    PK         :OG

** com.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_8.0.0.2015051111   12278        0   0%

       0   50 4b 03 04 0a 00 00 00 00 00 4d 3b 4f 47 00 00    PK        M;OG

   com. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-8.0.0-SNAPSHOT.j   12278        0   0%


So what is the good procedure to build and compare with this tycho-p2-extras-plugin ?


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Envoyé : jeudi 15 octobre 2015 14:02
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Objet : [tycho-user] compare-version-with-baselines




I’m using the compare-version-with-baselines  from tycho-p2-extras-plugin  from tycho 0.24.0-SNAPSHOT.  I’ve builded a baseline from my product using tycho-p2-extras-plugin goal mirror.

When I build using the compare-version-with-baselines  with the baseline just created, I’ve always the duplicate message :

Duplicate version but different content found for (com.xxxxxx.xxxxx/


If I unzip the 2 artefacts, content are identiquals. If I compare the artefacts themself, there are differents, because the date of the zipped files are not the same.

What is wrong ? :


I build my product, and create a baseline from  it.

I rebuild my product using the compare-baseline and the baseline created.

At the first plugin found, there is an error of duplicate.


Thanks for your help





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