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[tycho-user] Test fragments, complex dependencies and Tycho


I have a multi plugin pure e4 project build with Tycho 0.22.0.

Some of the modules are unit tested using fragments and some test fragments depend on other test fragments as illustrated there.

            is hosted by
Host2 <--------------------- Fragment2
  |                                          ||
  |  imports                              ||  needs but has no actual dependency to
  V                                          V
Host1 <--------------------- Fragment1
           is hosted by

In Host1, there is Class1, in Fragment1, StubClass 1 that extends Class1.
In Host2, there is Class2, using Class 1, in Fragment2, StubClass 2 extending Class2 and using StubClass 1.

In PDE, with the manifest attribute 'Eclipse-ExtensibleAPI: true', there's no problem and while Fragment2 share Host2 classpath it sees and can use Host1 AND Fragment1 classes.

That allowed me to make a test suite launching all my tests from a -growing- dozen fragments using a custom junit Runner.

It's been quite a struggle to achieve this, but it's working .

Now my problem is that tycho-surefire-plugin cannot resolve Fragment1 classes when running Fragment2 maven eclipse-test-plugin.

Anyone has an idea how to tell Tycho to do so ?

Thanks by advance,

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