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[tycho-user] Pack200'd artifacts w/o unpacked ones?

Is there a way to create an update site with Tycho which EXCLUDES all
the duplicate .jar files for which there's an identical (but
pack200'd) .jar.pack.gz file?

I'd like to optimize the size of our update sites (and update site
zips) and since no one is still using JDK 1.5 (our users need to be on
JDK 1.8 to use our tools), I figure we no longer need to include the
"backup" jars when there's a perfectly good and better compressed
pack.gz version.

Had a look at but there's no
mention of how to build ONLY the packed jars... just lots of ways to
ADD in the packed jars in addition to the unpacked ones.

Thanks in advance,

Nick Boldt :: Productization Lead :: JBoss Tools & Dev Studio :: Red Hat, Inc.

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