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[tycho-user] Building product for OSX

I am building an eclipse based product for win32, linux, and macosx. Until tycho 0.22.0 the maxosx build worked just fine by adding the corresponding environment to the tycho target-platform configuration plugin.
With tycho 0.23.{0,1} the directory structure in the zip file has changed such that the launcher (osate) and the corresponding ini file (osate.ini) are no longer in the same directory so the launcher can't run. They used to be in a subdir MacOS.
I also tried to switch to building an app bundle by using the following pom elements:
1. Set macosx-bundled to true


2. Set macosx root folder


The resulting directory structure looks like a macosx app bundle BUT the ini file is still not in the same directory as the launcher.
└── Contents
   ├── Eclipse
   │   ├── configuration
   │   ├── features
   │   ├── p2
   │   ├── plugins
   │   ├── artifacts.xml
   │   ├── epl-v10.html
   │   └── osate.ini
   ├── MacOS
   │   └── osate
   └── Info.plist

Am I missing some configuration or is this a bug?


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