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[tycho-user] Test dependency to platform fragment

The surefire mojo description as well as the Tycho wiki tell us that we may need to include native fragments (e.g. SWT) in features explicitly to make them available at test runtime. Accepted.


However, I think we have specified everything necessary to get this working, and still one of our tests is failing in Tycho (but not PDE) due to the correct fragment for core.filesystem not being available in surefire testing.


·         our parent POM explicitly configures the target-platform-configuration plugin for win32/win32/x86

·         our target platform module explicitly specifies win32/win32/x86 in the .target file

·         our product includes org.eclipse.platform (thereby eclipse.rcp, thereby core.filesystem), and surefire knows the product


Are we missing yet another part of specification? Or is my thinking completely wrong, whereby the active bundles in surefire and in a normal product run should be the same (and of course, their fragments then also should be the same)?


Ciao and Thanks, Michael

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