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Re: [tycho-user] Target platform picks up old feature, despite feature patch being applied

Carsten Reckord wrote:
> I ran into the same issue a while back and it would be great if this was
> fixed in Tycho.

So this is a bug? Couldn't find it in Bugzilla.

> In the meantime, I worked around it by moving the patch feature from the
> target platform into the pom, adding it as a
> <dependency-resolution><extraRequirements> element to the target
> platform configuration.

We have several target platforms, selected through a system property
(-Dsimrel=kepler, -Dsimrel=luna, etc.) and used in a Hudson matrix
build. Moving the patch feature to the POM would mean putting the
<extraRequirements> in a profile that is only activated when simrel ==
kepler. Not exactly straight-forward, but might work.

> This has the downside that you either need to maintain a separate target
> platform file with the extra patch feature for the IDE or need the patch
> in source there. I already had the latter anyway, so this wasn't an
> issue for me.

We would require a separate target platform file for the IDE, I am
afraid. :-(


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