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[tycho-user] tycho-surefire-plugin and general rules to define dependency-resolution in target-platform-configuration?

We need to run SWTBot test cases for a complex project, which consumes many upstream projects' P2 repositories.

I followed guideline in these locations:

But still get dependencies cannot be resolved when running SWTBOT test cases. I'm wondering what's the general guideline to define target platform in pom.xml:


I saw some Eclipse demo and actual projects, some doesn't define it at all; but some only include one or two features in the dependency.

I'm wondering what is the consistent way to define dependencies in tag <dependency-resolution>?

Should I define all features I'm building from source in my workspace + all features in my target runtime?
Should I define just all the plugins exactly same as my launch (which is validated by IDE no unresolved plugins)?

I tried both, still doesn't work.

Do we have a general rules how to define it in a systematic way so no guess around what should be depended on?


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