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Re: [tycho-user] obfuscation and unit tests


I don't know if it is the best way, but the following answer is how we are working currently (hundred of plugins, hundred of tests in fragments or plugins).
  1. The obfuscation was done with the maven proguard plugin, for all the plugins (excepted tests fragments/plugins)
  2. The obfuscation was done plugin by plugin (no global obfuscation of application)
Then, if we want to run test on obfuscated code, we would have to manage a lot of exclusions (with fragments facilities, you are near of excluding all the code).
We concluded that running unit test on obfuscated code was not possible.

I think it is possible to use the seed of one plugin obfuscation as enter of the obfuscation of the next plugin (or fragment). We didn't find the time to explore this solution, but AFAIK it is the only way I see for running unit tests with obfuscated code :
  1. Obfuscate plugin  under test
  2. Keep the obfuscation seeds
  3. Obfuscate the test fragment using the previous obfuscation seeds
  4. Run the test

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Le 09/04/2015 19:02, Justin Georgeson a écrit :
I can work out obfuscating my eclipse-plugin project, but am not sure what to do about the accompanying eclipse-test-plugin project. Specifically, since the tests are run against the packaged jar, tests I have for the classes which have now been obfuscated fail to compile. With Ant I would compile/run the tests against the unobfuscated class files. What’s the recommended way to handle this with Tycho projects?

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