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[tycho-user] Branding the console launcher (eclipsec.exe)


I am a newbie to using Tycho. My app needs to be based on the launcher eclipsec.exe (not the default one eclipse.exe).

Would like to know the possibility of doing the following things and if so, how?

1. Can I use tycho to make by product based on eclipsec.exe instead of the default eclipse.exe?
2. I googled that PDE based build, it is not possible. There suggestions was to rename the eclipse.exe to eclipsec.exe and vice-versa, so that the output <product_name>.exe will actually be based on eclipsec.exe and also branded. If answer to my question 1 is a No, how can I get Tycho doing the same i.e. changing the file names from eclipse.exe to eclipsec.exe. I tried looking at tycho-p2-director-plugin, but of no help.

Thanks in Advance.

Best Regards,


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