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[tycho-user] I need help with third party Maven repos

First: I have a defined Maven repo in my .m2/settings.xml


These are non-OSGi Maven-projects with POJOs I need to include into my RCP.

I have created an RCP4 project with features and plugins, and I did convert them into maven project using Lars Vogel's tutorial:

I did successfully build packages, but in a real-world app, I will need those packages provided by the online Maven-repo.
I have tried to include them into the pom.xml of main application, where I intend to use the as:


But if I try to import a class from the my-third-party, it is not resolvable.
I really need to solve this issue, because there's no point of writing RCP application, without access to the legacy codes.
I would really appreciate some detailed solution. I have goggled a lot of examples over the internet, but non of them is right one for my case. Thank you!


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