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[tycho-user] Building product with feature and feature individually

Dear all,

I am trying to understand the best way to set up the tycho build for the following scenario:
I have a product P containing a couple of features F1, F2, ... To build the product I currently have a pom that lists all features (and plugins) as modules. This works fine, and I also generate an update site that has all features in it.

Our new requirement is to also be able to build feature F1 individually and create a separate repository so users can update this feature more often than the product. Is it possible to do this by just adding to the existing pom files, or do I always have to build F1 separately and use the resulting repository in the product build?

When splitting the build in two steps it looks like I have a cyclic dependency problem. To build the feature individually, I need to reference the product repo, and to build the product I need to reference the feature repo.

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