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[tycho-user] Custom build steps that work in Eclipse and Tycho?


I’m using EBean ORM within one my plug-ins which requires some Enhancement to be done to the persistent beans.  This can be usually done at runtime, however it requires the JDK, which may not be present (and I’m not sure what the redistribution rules on the JDK is since we already package with JRE).

One solution to my problem is that I can pre-enhance the beans to generate the class files using an ant task or maven plugin, however - this kind of makes developing the app inside the IDE a PITA because each time something get’s modified one would have to run the maven goal to generate the code, refresh eclipse, then launch the debugger from within eclipse.

Since I’m assuming others have run into similar situations in working with tycho, can anyone recommend a solution that allow me to do something to the plugin.xml, manifest, etc that would make the development cycle more pain-free that would permit me to execute some custom build step before compilation of the classes, and is either complimentary or integrates with tycho?



Jim Klo
Senior Software Engineer
Center for Software Engineering
SRI International
t. @nsomnac

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