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Re: [tycho-user] Sometimes wrong result of tycho-packaging-plugin

Hi Jan,

Thanks for replying. Comments below...



Am 14.01.2015 um 14:56 schrieb Sievers, Jan:
the problem is probably related to bin.includes.
content of target/classes/ will only be included if there is a corresponding bin.includes entry '.' (which I assume your doc plugins do not have if they don't have code)

bin.includes=about.mappings OTOH will take the file from the project root where no values are replaced.
You're right, these doc plugins do not have "." in their bin-includes. So I've added this to the parent pom's tycho-packaging-plugin configuration:


Unfortunately that hasn't solved the problem. The about.mappings file in the jar is still different (unreplaced values) from the target/classes/about.mappings file ;-(



You might want to have a look at additionalFileSets [1]



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I found something strange in my build results and hope that someone has an

All my plugins have an about.mappings file with the follwing content:


The POMs of all plugins have this:


For most of these plugins my Tycho build produces plugin jars with proper
values in this file, e.g.:


But for all my "...doc" plugins the resulting plugin jars contain the file
*without* replaced values. The build log
always shows the same lines, no matter what plugin is built (see attached
snippets log1 and log2).

For the "bad" plugins the copied file under
org.eclipse.oomph.setup.doc/target/classes is still correct (values
replaced), but, as mentioned above, the jars that are built of them have the
unreplaced/source versions of this file in it.

Does someone have a clue what's going on? Am I overlooking a configuration



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