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Re: [tycho-user] How to add JUnit RunListener to Tycho Surefire Plugin

Mickael Istria <mistria@...> writes:

>     More recent version of Tycho has the tycho-surefire-plugin relying
>     on the maven-surefire-plugin. See
> . This is an
>     encouraging step that may make Tycho closer from supporting
>     additional RunListeners. Maybe the surefireProperties element
>     plugin/test-mojo.html#surefireProperties
>     is the good place where to specify a listener...
>     There is no guarantee it works (I didn't try it) and even if the
>     property is correctly passed to JUnit, I foresee some difficulties
>     with classpath that might require advanced Eclipse/OSGi classloading
>     patterns; but that's definitely something you should look at.
>     Nothing is impossible ;)
>     -- Mickael Istria
>       Eclipse developer at JBoss,
>         by Red HatMy blog - My Tweets

Hi Mickael,

thanx for quick reply!
The <surefireProperties> tag just says, where surefire creates the files, in which you can read already setted properties.
It does not maintain the possibility to set own properties. I could not find
a way to pass the listener property. Do you have any other ideas?

Thanks for any hint,

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