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[tycho-user] Package Repository for P2, OSGi R5 and Maven


I just wanted give you an update in the task I had in mind and posted at
the end of last year. Creating a repository system for OSGi bundles
which plays nice with P2 and Maven Tycho.

It is called "package drone" for now. There is an early, but working,
version at github [1]. It is licensed as EPL. The current version is
0.0.4 [2].

At the moment it can:
* Store any type of blob (artifacts) in a database
* Extract metadata information from artifacts (like OSGi metadata)
* Allow uploading artifacts either manually through a web UI or using
"maven deploy"
* Allow consuming these artifacts using P2 or OSGi R5 XML index (works
with Bndtools)
* The P2 adapter can also re-use Maven Tycho P2 metadata instead of
creating its own metadata from OSGi bundles
* Create Eclipse Source bundles from Maven source code attachments (this
way one can use bundles from maven central and work with them in the
Eclipse IDE, including the source code)

There are lots of things which could be improved, but it is a start ;-)



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