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Re: [tycho-user] [m2e-users] [m2e-tycho] reworked maven-bundle-plugin Embed-Dependency support

Igor, is this 0.9 version published somewhere already ?

I did a upgrade right now and eclipse just found new versions of m2e 1.6. m2e-tycho stayed in 0.7.0.

2014-12-22 19:18 GMT-03:00 Igor Fedorenko <igor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
tldr; if you are using m2e-tycho and maven-bundle-plugin, you probably
want to upgrade to m2e-tycho 0.9.

Prior to version 0.9, m2e-tycho marked Maven Dependencies classpath
container of maven-bundle-plugin ("m-b-p" for short) projects as
"exported". This was necessary to allow PDE and Tycho projects to
resolve classes from embedded dependencies, but resulted in incorrect
compile classpath of "plain" maven projects that depended on m-b-p

For example, consider the following two workspace project:

   abundle: packaging=bundle, depends on junit 3.8.2
   ajar: packaging=jar, depends on abundle, junit 4.11

Because 'abundle' project reexported its Maven dependencies, 'ajar'
compilation classpath had the following entries:

   junit 3.8.2 (from exported classpath container)
   junit 4.11 (from maven dependencies)

Starting with m2e-tycho 0.9, m2e Maven Dependencies classpath container
of m-b-p projects is not exported and, instead, embedded dependencies
are added to pde "Plug-in Dependencies" container of relevant projects.

One minor down-side of this change, m2e-tycho now requires PDE 3.9 or
newer (from Eclipse Luna release, I believe) and the latest m2e 1.6

Another downside of this change, pure PDE projects, i.e. projects that
do not use m2e-tycho, will not be able to resolve dependencies from
m-b-p projects any more.

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