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[tycho-user] feature.xml optional features inclusion

Hi, I'm trying to achieve the following for my product's bulid: I want a certain bundle to be discarded from the product when building with a particular flag.
The objective is to have a bundle which has examples and tools useful for testing purposes available on every day builds, but not on production builds.

I tried to use the optional=true attribute of the <include/> element of the feature.xml file, but tycho still fails with an error if the optionally included feature is not present in the reactor build.

>From the Feature Manifest help page: 
"optional - it is possible to include a feature as optional when this attribute is "true". Users are allowed to not install optional features, disable them if they are installed, and install them later. A missing optional feature is not treated as an error."

My questions:
1) Is this a bug to be filed on tycho?
2) Is there a clean way to achieve conditional inclusion of plugins on a build? (without resorting to multiple products or preprocessing/making replacements on feature.xml)

Thanks a lot!

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